Friday, September 22, 2006


I am pleased to present a new video document and a new solo exhibition!
As is the case for all my video documents, this embedded video above does not have any audio - just sit back and enjoy the visual presentation
(in letterbox format to boot!)

Here is the description I posted on Google Video:

The Virtual Curator, Roland Quagmire III presents a new screenshot avatar exhibition in cyberspace featuring the German/Swiss media artist, Felix S. Huber. Quagmire showcases his favourite Huber screenshots in his mansion's tower. Quagmire uses the Moove Roomancer community to present Huber's work. Huber uses the Unreal Tournament Gaming engine to create his video game installations. This is not machinima.

If you cannot see the video embedded in the link above, please click on the link to Google Video -

It should be noted that in my Google Video upload account, I added these credits to my credit as virtual curator:

1) Felix S. Huber (Screenshot Artist)
2) Jeremy O. Turner (Person of Interest)

...but for some reason, Google Video is not updating this to their server. Any thoughts on this? I managed to add multiple credits to the upload videos...

Regardless, please scroll down to check out Huber's exhibition screenshots, CV and other videos and postings from additional artists that I have exhibited in the past.

Roland Quagmire III


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