Thursday, May 04, 2006

Tanya Skuce's Artist Statement

Here is Tanya Skuce's Official Artist Statement:

Tanya Skuce is an emerging artist living in Vancouver, BC. Her work is primarily focused around narrative and conceptual photography and film. She has exhibited locally and internationally.

As her work becomes more abstract and experimental, she has grown fascinated with the square motif as a symbolic juxtaposition element. She is inspired by the imposing figure of the square.

The series “Squares Squared” is a study of the square as the ultimate framing device and the basis for all animation. In “Squares Squared”, the small, blue square moves from the top right hand corner of the larger grey square to the bottom left-hand corner. When the piece is viewed quickly, the blue square becomes animated against the grey background (flip-book style).

In the future Tanya plans to further explore the square as a framing device and give it the persona of an ambassador of conformity; this is because the shape of the square is, in her opinion, associated with rigidity, the mundane and imposed modernity.

“Squares Squared” consists of 16, 8X8 canvases painted with acrylic.

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