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Barbad Golshiri's Exhibition Screenshot #11

Here is Barbad's CV below....To read the Persian version and to see the following text with a cooler colour scheme, check out:

If you want immediate gratification, here it is....

Born in Sept.1982, Tehran, Iran
1999 – Graduation from high school in humanities – Tehran.
1999 - 2000 – pre-university in art – Tehran.
2004 – B.A in Painting from The School of Art and Architecture, Azad University – Tehran.


2005 – Three pieces of “Odyssey-I” project in “portrait” group exhibition, Khak gallery – Tehran.
– Video Art, “The Barakat trust conference: Contemporary Iranian Art”, Kellogg
College, Oxford University.
Abbas Milani’s lecture
– Video Art (group exhibition): “Too Much Pollution to Demonstrate: Soft Guerrillas in
Tehran's Contemporary Art Scene”, Apex Art – New York.
2004 – Video Art (group exhibition): “Video Zoom: Beams of Blue”, Sala 1 – Roma.
– Video installation (group exhibition): “The Incredulity of Saint Barbad” in “For Bam”,
a multi media group exhibition on Bam earthquake, warehouse near The Iranian
Artists Forum – Tehran
For Bam by the participants in “Gozaresh”.(Read this in Persian)
For Bam by Antonia Carver in “Camera-Austraia”.
Manner of earth, act of art by B. Ziyayi in “Bâya”.(Read this in Persian)
– Video Art (group exhibition): “Turning Points”, LeRoy Neiman Gallery, Columbia
University School of the Arts – New York
– Video Art (group exhibition): “3 Weeks with the Winners of the 6th Tehran Contemporary
Painting Biennial”, Fattima Gallery –Tehran.
– Video Art (group exhibition): “Beams of Blue”, Apeejay Media Gallery – New Delhi.
– Installation (group exhibition), Joseph Dadoun’s studio in Cité International des Arts – Paris.
2003 –The 6th Tehran Contemporary Painting Biennial – Tehran Contemporary Museum
of Arts (Winner of the third prize).
2002 – Painting (group exhibition), “Hundred Works, Hundred Artists”, Golestan Gallery – Tehran.
– Painting (group exhibition), Niavaran Culture Center – Tehran.
– Photos (group exhibition), Laleh Gallery – Tehran.
– Light Art and Video Art works (solo exhibition), Golestan Gallery – Tehran.
– Environmental Art (solo exhibition): “Critique of Cezanne’s Reason”, on the 8th of March,
The celebration of The International Women’s Day, Honar Cultural Center – Tehran.
2001 – Painting (group exhibition), “The Fifth Group Exhibition of Contemporary Designers”,
Barg Gallery – Tehran.
– Paintings (group exhibition), “Hundred Works, Hundred Artists”, Golestan Gallery - Tehran
– Painting (group exhibition), Shafagh Gallery – Tehran.
2000 – Paintings (group exhibition), Afarinesh Gallery, Andisheh Culture Center – Tehran.

Selected publications
روزشمار نوشته ها به فارسي

2005 – Publication of socio-political articles on art and society in Shargh daily, Version Magazine
and Simia [a journal of drama] – Iran and Romania.
“The Presence of the Absence” in Version Magazine: (see page 14)
“An Introduction to the Second Exhibition of Spiritual Art of Iran” in Shargh Daily
(Read this in Persian)
“Study for Castration” in Simia.(Read this in Persian)
2004 – Publication of critical essays and articles on Art in various newspapers, sites and journals
including: Herfé-Honarmand, Iranian Feminist Tribune – Tehran.
“Reproduction and the Unnamable Schizophrenic” (On Afshan Ketabchi) in Herfé-
Honarmand (Read this in Persian)
also available at

“The Tragedy of Birth” in Iran Feminist Tribune: (Read this in Persian)

2003 – Publication of various critical essays on Art in various newspapers and journals – Tehran.
2002 – Editor of the Plastic Arts page in Sedaye Edalat daily – Publishing several critiques and
reviews – Tehran.
– Publication of several critical essays on visual arts in Iran Art Supplement – Tehran.
2001 – Publication of several reviews – Art columnist in Hayat-e- No daily– Tehran.
2000 – Publication of articles in Aroos [a women’s monthly] on women’s art and feminism –


2005 - 2006 – Editor and translator of Samuel Beckett’s complete dramatic works in Persian
– Karnameh Publishing House – Tehran. (under press)

– Publication of the book, Dan Flavin; Translation of two essays by Michael Govan and
James Meyer, Digar Publishing House– Tehran.
2003 – 2004 – A critical study on Kamal o’ddin Bihzad (Bihzad, Sennemar of the Ruined
Xovarnaq) – Karnameh Publishing House – Tehran.(under press)

Lectures and courses

2006 – Teaching plastic arts in English, Elmi-Karbordi University (TAFE courses) – Tehran.
2005 – Courses on philosophy of arts and aesthetics (From Plato to present time). Artist’s studio
2002 – Lecture on “The non-objective world and contemporary design”, the University of Arts


2004 - 2005 – Three months Residency in Cité International des Arts – Paris.


2004 – Co-writer of the essay “Statements of Silence” praised as one of the three best essays
submitted to The Symposium on Visual Arts Criticism of the 6th Tehran Contemporary
Painting Biennial – Tehran. (Read this in Persian)
2003 – Winner of the third prize in the 6th Tehran Contemporary Painting Biennial – Tehran
Contemporary Museum of Arts.

Selected interviews

• Interview with Arte Channel (on “Schizophrenia”), April 2005.,CmC=1164114.html,CmC=1164114.html
• “The artists with socio-political points of view”, Deutsche Welle Radio (about “Portrait” group
exhibition, Khak gallery – Tehran), June 30 2005.
• Interview with Mehr weekly (On artist’s recent works and ancient and contemporary
art of Iran), no. 38, 2004.
• “The composition of the jury and the different points of view are the biennial’s strongest point”
(About the 6th Tehran Contemporary Painting Biennial – Tehran Contemporary Museum
of Arts, Gozaresh, no. 7, 2003.(Read this in Persian)
• Interview with Radio Farda (about the exhibition “Contemporary British Sculptors in Tehran
Museum of Contemporary Arts”), 2004.
• “If I could cry my blood…” (About Light Art and Video Art works (solo exhibition), Golestan
Gallery – Tehran), Chehel Cheragh weekly, no. 35. 2002
• “A Sisyphus addicted to carrying his stone” (About the 6th Tehran Contemporary Painting
Biennial – Tehran Contemporary Museum of Arts), Naghsh, 2003, no. 4.


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